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The Impeccable Apprentice: Reflections on a Course in Miracles

This book is the distillation of everything Rosa Maria Wynn has learned since A Course in Miracles came into her life in 1978. After having dedicated herself to the teachings of A Course in Miracles, first as a student and later on as the principal Spanish translator of the Course, Rosa Maria Wynn went on to become the most well-renowned spiritual teacher of A Course in Miracles in the Spanish-speaking world. 

The Impeccable Apprentice is a spiritual guide, especially useful for anyone seeking a deeper sense of happiness and peace in their lives. Wherever you may find yourself on your spiritual path, this book offers practical lessons in achieving the true happiness that we are all looking for—from overcoming the big and small challenges of everyday life to strengthening your commitment to peace and impeccability in your spiritual practice. This book offers a powerful and inspiring read that could very well change the direction of your life.

"I hope that the reader will find inspiration in these pages. This is my sole wish, since there is nothing else that a book or a teacher can do. All the good that this writing may provide is due to the Holy Spirit, and any mistake is mine." -Rosa María Wynn

Rosa Maria Wynn's dynamic personality, inspirational message, and spiritual passion can be seen in the many Spanish-speaking seminars she conducted that are now available on YouTube.

The Impeccable Apprentice: Reflections on a Course in Miracles

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